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Click to Close: Understanding the Customer Conversion Pipeline

April 26, 2022 @ 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm EDT

The conversion pipeline of any sales process requires multi-steps. This workshop will explore the keys to a successful conversion pipeline.

The conversion pipeline of any sales process requires multi-steps. Knowledge of a consumer’s buying journey has 6 steps. The key to a successful conversion pipeline is to target a specific market and stay in front of the market over and over to develop product or service awareness. Then establish trust and “Brand Equity” in the market.

The following will be covered:

Step 1. Customer starts out unaware of a vendor and the products and services available.

Step 2 Customer develops awareness of what they want and need but not sure who is the best provider.

Step 3 Customer awareness of the product or service increases but does not trust the providers yet.

Step 4. Customer is aware they want they want the product but not sure if its right for them.

Step 5. Customer wants the product or service, they trust the provider. The next question is the cost. How Much does it cost?

Step 6. Customer wants the product or service and trusts the provider and is ready to make a purchase. Awareness of the process develops profitable sales skills.

Speaker bio:

Ed Winslow has been a career entrepreneur for 30 years, with 15 years as a broker and investor in Manhattan real estate including CBRE and Sotheby’s. He formed Niche Quest Media in 2006, an online lead generating agency specializing in Search Engine Optimization.

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